LGV Category C+E (Formerly HGV Class 1) 

The LGV C+E test was formerly known as HGV Class 1. The LGV Category C+E licence will allow drivers to drive any rigid vehicle with a trailer over 750kg (truck and trailer) up to a combined weight of 44 tonnes. Drivers who pass the LGV C+E test will be entitled to drive articulated Lorries (Artics), or trucks with a drawbar and trailer. 
C+E entitlement will also automatically grant you C1+E entitlements (7.5 tonne & trailer) and also Category B+E (Car & trailer towing) licences. 
If you hold a PVC entitlements (i.e. Category D or Category D1), you will also inherit the entitlement to tow trailers over 750kg on these licences as well (i.e. Category D+E and Category D1+E) once you pass your LGV Category C+E test. 
In order to attend our LGV C+E training courses, you must first have passed your Category C (Rigid Lorry) LGV test. 
You must ensure that you have Category C+E provisional entitlement. 
You will also need to ensure that your existing LGV Category C entitlement is still valid and has not expired (candidates over 45 will need to renew their LGV medical examination every 5 years for their LGV Category C licence entitlement to remain valid). 
There is no theory test requirement to obtain a C+E licence, this is because the +E part of a driving entitlement simply means “and trailer over 750kg”. By adding the right to tow a trailer, you are simply extending your existing Category C entitlements (for which you would have already passed a theory test for) as opposed to obtaining a new category of licence. 
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Driver Assessments 
Our instructors can be booked to conduct driver assessments for businesses who employ professional drivers. 
Companies and drivers that have had drivers assessed can see their insurance premiums decrease. 
Companies that have had their drivers assessed will see a difference with their drivers SAFED (Safe And Fuel Efficient Driving) and can often see their drivers using less fuel in the future. 
Bespoke Courses 
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